Thursday, December 4, 2014


I think this will be my last "Elf on a Shelf" crocheted toy. 

But I couldn't pass up crocheting a little girl elf. 

I thought I would try using pink yarn for her cheek bobbles.

I like it - they show up so much better.

I gave her an orange top knot!  

Doesn't that make her look like Fred Flintstone's daughter, "Pebbles"?

I experimented with her face using yarn instead of embroidery threads.  

Yarn was easier to work with and the results are better too.

So, do you like my little girl elf?

[Pattern link (here)]

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  1. Hee-hee! She is cute. That is a good name for her too. Love that hair!

  2. I am ELF-less. :/
    I wanted my mother in laws vintage Christmas ornaments, because of the felt elves in the box... but NO! the went to charity. (I know, I'm shameless) but why? why didn't anyone else in the family want those little elves?
    anyway... your little Pebbles is a cutie!
    did I tell you I'm Elf-less?
    it's true.

  3. This is so adorable, Sandy. Yes, it does look like Pebbles.

  4. So very cute, you are very good at this!