Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Elf….joins the Gang!

You can't have too many ELVES!

Before I crocheted "Pebbles" I made another boy "Elf on s Shelf.  

This time I tried a different method on his face. 

This is what he is suppose to look like.

I used embroidered thread on white felt and cut out the felt and then attached his "eyes" to his face. 

Embroidering his face is a learning process.

One eye, eye lashes and eye brow done along with his mouth.

The face all done.  

Not sure but he may look a little scary here.  


I brought his hairline down more on the sides.

 A comparison…

I guess it's not too bad of a face.

Attaching the head to the body is loads of fun (…NOT).  

I had to tack it down so it wouldn't wobble.

The "Elf" is resting.

First elf is to the right, followed by Miss Elf and the last elf is one the left.  

The gang is all here except for "Peebles".  

She's resting somewhere else.

I'm done with elves this Christmas.

I'll show you my Granny Square Stockings I crocheted for my front door soon.

And I'm working on another Santa too.  

I was surprised and happy to have more decorations to put up than I realized between what I had in my Christmas China Cabinet and my Christmas sewing projects.

But no trees or outdoor lights this year…sob!

Oh, and I have one photo of my new Ohio kitchen cabinets to show you soon too.

They look lovely!

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  1. Love these guys! Looks like it would take some time for all the sweet details. Your Elves are really adorable, a keeper for sure!!! Happy Holidays. :)

  2. I know you mentioned on FB no more elves, but this is too adorable!