Sunday, December 28, 2014

Horseshoe Coffee Cosy

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  

We did... except my Hubby caught a bug and was a little under the weather but he is slowly feeling better.

I had shared a pin from Pinterest for a cute coffee cosy and my niece commented that a cozy with a horseshoe motif would be cute.

So off I went hunting for a pattern.

I found a free coffee cosy pattern (here)…

Mrs. Greene's "Cup of Tea" Coffee Mug Cozy with Non-Slip Backing.

And, of course, I switched out the "cup of tea" motif for "interlocking horseshoes" for my neice, MJ, who loves riding horses and also skipped adding the non-slip backing on the cosy. 

I looked at photos of horseshoes to figure out how to shape and crochet them. 

I ended up just chaining the length I needed to fit the horseshoe motifs nicely on the cosy and added one row of single crochet.  

Then I shaped the pieces into a horseshoes, interlocking them and stitched them in place with white yarn. 

The last step I added a nice rustic looking brown button. 

My niece knew immediately what the motif was (thank goodness!) and liked her coffee cosy. 

Click (here) for my project details on Ravelry.

Now to get ready for celebrating 2015!
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  1. A lovely gift for her.

  2. Very pretty and creative. Happy New Year. :)

  3. So cute! And. a good luck charm, too.

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