Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Country Christmas Doily

I fell in LOVE  with this free Christmas doily pattern, Country Christmas Doily

Head over heels in LOVE!

Red and White together - stunning!

First I tried using #10 cotton thread with a tiny steel needle. 

Nope, not going to work. 

It's too hard on my eyes and my hands.

Luckily I found some thinner cotton yarn in my stash that is easier for me to crochet. 

The only problem is I only bought one skein of each color and the flower took up quite a bit of the red yarn.   

So I'm not sure I have enough red yarn to finish the project.  

If I run out I'll frog and use white in place of the red to finish it off.

But I couldn't wait to show my work in progress photos of this beautiful doily.

Hop over to my Ravelry project page (here) for more details.

Do you think this pattern would be lovely as a small throw? 

I think it would. 

But that flower would probably be HUGE in acrylic yarn!

I also want to crochet one of these cute red and white pin wheel Christmas throws one day too.

What about you?

Do you love RED and WHITE together too?

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  1. The Christmas pinwheel pattern... a definite yes! I'd love to make one. My hubby, a.k.a. The Honey... eats peppermints like crazy! I'm talking 2 3lb bags a month! No joke...
    he needs a peppermint blanket!
    Now, as to your doily rose pattern becoming a throw? I think it would be lovely. I don't think I have any pictures up... but I do have something similar that I put out at Christmas every year... My Granny made it, and I finished it up after she passed. She told me at the hospital-- I started a blanket for you, make sure you get it and you'll have to finish it. It's very special. Your doily... and everything you make... is special. ;)
    Did you see my stockings? I made some on Monday after seeing yours. Not exactly the same...but definitely inspired by you!
    Have a great week!

  2. Beautiful! I want to make a peppermint throw one day too.

  3. Love your crochet my friend.

  4. I would love a table runner with either cute! And red and white is my favorite color combo because I'm a Crimson Tide fan.....Roll Tide Roll!!!

  5. Red and white is great together,beautiful doily!!!
    Happy Holidays!