Tuesday, May 21, 2013

York, England

While we're driving around Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN in morning rush hour traffic, I thought this is an excellent time to post about our stop in York, England, on April 25th during our grand tour of England/Wales/Scotland. 

York is another historic town that the Romans settled.  And where the ancient Roman town walls are still standing.  

We walked the Roman Wall - I still can't believe we walked where the Romans did.  Did you know the Romans were in Britain for several hundreds of years!  Longer than our country has even existed.
 These are Romans stone caskets!   Our guide told us that when the Romans left Britain the people didn't want to live in their buildings and either left the structures alone or used the stone for their own buildings.  That's after hundreds of years of Roman rule!  

We enjoyed walking the historic streets of York.  
York Minster....fantastic!  Inside and outside...just magnificent!  

Me sipping English ale for the first time.  I'm not a beer drinker at all but I had to try it!

And more Roman walls!  I could post hundreds of photos.  But I better stop.  More on our our trip coming.  
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  1. Glad you liked York, I did too. It's hard to get over the age of everything isn't it?

  2. York is a beautiful place and only about a couple of hours drive from my home. We have a lot of Roman Ruins around here and here's an interesting fact for you about 15 miles from here is a place called Wallsend which is named because that's where Hadrian's Wall ends.