Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flower Embroidery

Before our road trip last week I attended my first embroidery lesson.  That's my first attempt above - the orange flower.  
I hoped to use the embroidery thread I had on hand (...for years!) but the blue thread kept breaking so I switched to orange.  

Before embroidering at home for the first time, I marked off in painter's blue tape the area that needed to be free for the embroidery arm and hoop.  I also marked the corner positions of my sewing machine.  Now when I remove the machine to take to classes I know where to reposition it. 

The embroidery hoop is attached and I'm ready to sew. The flower pattern I programmed is showing in the computer viewing screen.
The machine is stitching the yellow centers of the flowers here.  
What do you think of my first finished embroidered flower?  I'm not sure what I will do with this but I will think of something.  

I went to Joann Fabrics today and bought a cutting mat, ruler and other sewing items with my 40% and 15% off coupons.  I bought some fabric flats to make some more cosmetic bags too.   

Have you ever seen these little teeny, tiny skeins of yarn?  They are called Bombóns and I think they would be great when you have a small project and just need a small sample of a yarn color. 

I bought batting, three bags, for my crochet pin cushions.   Now I can finished up that project.  

I was so excited to find these two crochet magazines at Joann's.  I've never seen them at Barnes n' Noble.  Nor did I see any crochet magazines while we were in the U.K.  The crochet issue on the left is a publication from the U.K.  The other is a Vogue special issue.   I can't wait to read them.  

Well, that's my fun day.  What have you been up to?
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  1. I'm thinking table cloths, tea cloths, runners, place mats, cloth hand bags, omg, the list is almost endless what you can do!! Have a giveaway lol!!!!! You know I will be entering as often as allowed. ha! xo

  2. they are lovely Sandy they would look nice attached to bath towels is there no end to your talents.

  3. Love your embroidery, I'm sure you'll find some way to utilise it.
    Those little skeins ( we call them balls )of wool are the way we get all our yarn in Oz. When you make a big item like a jumper ( sweater ?? ) you need to buy 20+ "balls" and have lots of joins. Don't know why we do it this way.

  4. I like Paula's suggestion about the bath towels too.