Friday, May 10, 2013

Crocheted Pin Cushion

I love this free and EASY pattern (translated into English) I found to crochet a pin cushion.

And, of course, in my beloved RED, white and blue colors.

It's my Patriotic Pin Cushion

My first one I crocheted with an H hook and ten single crochets between the two single crochet was way too big. 

It was a pin cushion for a giant.

So I reduced my hook size to a F hook and reduced the rounds to seven between the two single crochet.  

I used left over Sugar n'Cream cotton yarn from my stash.  

Two hexagons done.

See the size difference using an H hook versus the smaller F hook and the same yarn?

A smaller hook is a tighter weave thus less likely to show the batting too.

I'll use the large hexagons as dishcloths in the kitchen.

I single crocheted the two sides together leaving a small opening for the batting and then continued crocheting the edges together.

Then I use a large embroidery needle to thread the red yarn around the corners and through the middle to anchor and pull the cushion together tightly.

This is the back side - here I just tied the yarn together.

I left a long piece of yarn to sew the blue button on the top.

All done!

This is so cute and will make nice gifts.

If I start now I can make them as Christmas gifts for the BUNCO gals.

This is the bottom of the pin cushion with a button just positioned there.  

I may try using pins to hold the button in place rather than sewing it on.

Hop over to my Ravelry project page for additional details.

If you try these let me know.

I would love to see your work.

So long!

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  1. This is adorable! Looks like a flower! How is it to be back home? Any jet lag? xo

    1. Thank you! The jet lag coming home was minor compare with going to England. But I still had one day I took a very long nap and then still had trouble staying awake that evening. Must have needed the extra sleep. LOL!

  2. Have you missed your crocheting Sandy?

    1. Oh, yes, I did. I'm making up for it now by crocheting up a storm making the pin cushions for our Christmas BUNCO ladies.