Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cath Kidston

I always envied other bloggers who blogged about their "Cath Kidston" items.

I loved this designer's fabrics...the flowers, dots and stripes...loaded with colorful roses.

It was a dream of mine to visit one of her stores while in England.

When we arrived in London I googled "Cath Kidston" to see if a store was close to our hotel.  Unfortunately one wasn't convenient to stop by without going out of our way.  I so wanted to visit one in London but hoped I would run across another one on our travels.  

While visiting the town of Chester, England and walking through the streets we walked right by one.  I was so excited I told everyone I had to go in. 

Hubby was a dream and even made some suggestions on items I could buy as souvenirs.  

My only limitation (other then the cost) was space.  Everything I purchased had to fit in my suitcase.  

So what did I buy?

How about something with a cute embroidery on it?

This is an adorable "peg bag"!

In American terms that's a "clothespin bag".

Finally I can replaced my old clothespin bag.

Hubby suggested the pillowcases.

And I loved the buttons and bought one packet of each displayed.

And I slipped in a pair of tea towels in roses and stripes.

Quite a nice selection if I do say so myself!

As I was taking this photo I realized that my Mother's wooden cane chair has a heart design on the back.

How pretty is that...and why didn't it dawn on me before?

I'll be writing more on our England/Wales/Scotland trip.

So stay tuned.

I'm dying to crochet something...anything!

I missed it so much.

I'm thinking of trying a pin cushion.

I'll have to get busy.

Bye, bye....

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  1. What beautiful and colorful items you picked up!

  2. Who can not resist Cath Kidston a lovely reminder of your over the pond vacation. I also like the Emma Bridgewater collections.

  3. So glad you enjoyed your trip to the uk. I've enjoyed reading your posts, it's great to read such enthusiasm from your various visits. You've made me realise how much I take our beautiful country and it's history for granted !!
    By the way there's a cath kidston in Covent Garden London, just near Leicester Square. We usually visit that store when we're in London.
    Take care
    Esther - baggaleycottagecrochet.wordpress

    Formally - handmadewithlove-esther

  4. I love Cath Kidston but can't afford the prices! Have a great time!

  5. I am altogether jealous of your Cath Kidston adventure! Wonderful purchases--I particularly love the buttons! :)
    Susan @ Felted Button

  6. What adorable things!!! I love the embroidered clothesline for the pins. Jeff made wonderful suggestions. ;-) xo

  7. Ah, you're back! I'm pretty sure you will have had a great time.
    We finally have some Internet and I can catch up with all the news. We also have tv in English. It's so nice to be able to understand what they are saying for a change !
    Look forward to hearing all about your trip.