Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Red Work Embroidery

I had fun this afternoon embroidering on my new Janome Memory Craft 12000.  I picked two designs out - one of flowers with four color changes and the other red  work in, of course, red thread.  

The first one took 14 minutes to complete not counting time to change thread and the redwork took ten minutes.

Ten minutes and look at this beautiful red work embroidery!  

I "stole" one of my finished crocheted pin cushions to use in my sewing room.  It's in red yarns on one side and green on the other.  They really make nice functional pin cushions and they are pretty too. 

I guess I will have to buy some plain tea towels or flour sacks because I just love red work embroidery.   

How about you?

Do you love red work embroidery too?
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  1. I love red work, love embroidered dish towels. I have a small collection I purchased, though, never sewed my own. I guess the ones I bought were done on a machine, too? I thought they were done by hand! Hard for me to tell. xo

  2. Well that is very impressive!

    I love your pin cushions. As soon as I finish some of the projects I'm in the middle of, I'm going to make one of those. And I don't have any pins. LOL. I just love them as they are so cute!!

  3. Very neat that you can do that with a sewing machine. It looks so home-made and pretty in that red. What fun!

  4. I love it. I have been looking at embroidery machines for some time . . . I just haven't taken the step to buy one yet. I'm been looking at Walmart . . . what are your suggests?

    1. Hi Connie,
      Well, I'm not an expert on embroidery machines by any means. If you are interested in purchasing one I would suggest going to some local sewing/vac stores and having a sales rep demonstrate embroidery machines in your price range. Years ago I sat through a demonstration on a Viking Husqvarna embroidery machine. It was pretty fancy and if I remember correctly it was strictly an embroidery machine. Find out what features you like, is the machine quiet or noisy, does it come with many feet (they are expensive and add up!). I thought about a Bernina embroidery machine but never had a demonstration of one. At one of my sewing lessons recently a fellow classmate with a Janome embrodery machine mentioned she had a Bernina embroidery machine and didn't like it at all she said it was very UNuser friendly. I chose the Janome Memory Craft 12000 because I have had a New Home (is a Janome) Memory Craft 6000 for over 30 years and loved it and never had any problems with it. And it came with lots of different feet. What I like about my new Memory Craft is that it has all the regular sewing and decorative stitching that my old New Home has and also does the embroidery. It's expensive (I traded in my top of the line Viking Serger which I never used except for one lesson) but it's my retirement gift to myself for all those years of working outside the home. I'm giving my old New Home to my niece. I like purchasing through a local sewing store because I can go there for free lessons and they also have sewing classes you can join for a fee basis. They repair machines too. I don't think I would recommend buying an embroidery machine through Walmart but that is your decision if cost is a big factor. Good luck hunting I'm sure you will find one that you love!

  5. Very impressive and only ten minutes it takes me almost that time to threa a needle.