Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hexagons Anyone?

The Class B Rally is over.  We had fun with the group.  Today we traveled through the UP of Michigan, Wisconsin and now we're set up at a KOA Campground in Cloquet/Duluth, Minnesota.  We're bracing for severe thunderstorms this evening and overnight.  

Do you know what a "Yooper" and a "Troll" are?  We didn't either until our rally in the UP.    
What Da Heck Is A Yooper?
The people that live in the Upper Peninsula or the U.P. are called "Yoopers" and are proud of it. The people that live under the bridge are called "trolls." The song "I'm a Troll Man" was written about them. Lots of trolls from down below dream about moving to da U.P., but there's no work here. So we let them come up to relax, enjoy and spend their cash, but they gotta go home afterwards.

Where is Yooperland?

From Da Yoopers School For Da Truly Ungifted
Yooperland Geography 1034

The state of Michigan is broken up into two peninsulas - the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. They are connected together by the Mackinac Bridge.

An artists view of Michigan 
Adapted from John Hinde Inc. Distributed by Antigo Card Service

Yooper names for the Mackinac Bridge - Da Crossing, Da Bridge, Big Mac, Troll Turnpike.

Yooper names for the Upper Peninsula - Yooperland, Da U.P., Da Yoop, Yoopsconsin.

Yooper names for the Lower Peninsula (Michigan, Da Mitten, Troll Land, Detroit)  

I had fresh strawberry French toast for supper.  Yummy!

I'm crocheting my hexagons for my pin cushions.  I'm on my 8th set.   When I'm home I will fill them with batting, single crochet them close and add the yarns wrap arounds and buttons.  

We're on our way to the Head Waters of the Mississippi tomorrow - that is if it doesn't rain too hard or we may stay over here in Duluth another day.  
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  1. Wow their accent sounds like ours here in New Yawk. lol I would love to visit Mackinac Island. Never realized Michigan was split into two peninsulas. See you got lots of crocheting done for your pin cushions. ;-) xo