Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Starting to Pack...

Yesterday we purchased our new luggage for our trip across the pond this Spring. 

It was a beautiful and unusual sunny day.

We went to the mall...found our new luggage in a luggage store...visited the Apple computer store, the Bose store and had a fantastic lunch out.  

Hubby had his favorite, French Dip...

And I had delicious salmon...and stole some of Hubby's french fries.

These were really big meals for lunch time so we had "lunch" for "supper" in the evening.

 OK..back to traveling.

You probably think since we travel all the time in our RV we would already have suitcases? 

Well, the answer is "yes" and "no".

Suitcases are too big and cumbersome for the tight, small storage places in our small travel van.  We never use any there.  Even trips in our car we are more likely to use soft fabric duffle bags.

All we had in the form of luggage was very old...two-wheel, carry-on, overnight suitcases from our working days that we used for all of our business travel.   But for this tour we upgraded to larger suitcases (Samsonite) that are called "spinners"...the ones with the fantastic four wheels.

Mine is 29 inches tall and Hubby's is 25 inches.

Now we can see how much stuff we can take... or not. 

  Luckily during the tour our main suitcases will be taken care of by the tour staff.  That leaves us handling them at the airports to and from England.

My goal is to have everything packed the weekend before we leave because the week before our trip we are busy with appointments.

It's fun to pack for this special trip. 

It will be my first trip overseas and only Hubby's second.  

A while back we drove up to Cabela's (a huge outdoors hunting and fishing store) and I got a new pair of Keen walking shoes.  

I love my Keen sandals and I found a very comfortable walking shoe with lots of support.   

I like to shop at Cabela's as much as Hubby does.  

I got my rain gear there too.  

My jacket is actually a fishing jacket and is very waterproof.  

So if it rains everyday in England, Wales or Scotland we will be dry. 
Source:  Internet

So true....

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  1. How exciting - I'd love to take a trip over there some day.

  2. Are yoou going to tell us where you are going in the UK.It sounds very exciting.We are thinking of going the other way to New England.

  3. Hope you have a fantastic trip here I trust you will be blogging along the way.

  4. First that cartoon! Absolutely terrific and soooo apt. Clever you for finding it.
    I bet you are getting excited? I've begun lining up the clothes to take and our holiday is still 7 weeks away. Great idea to get the walking shoes, walking on cobblestones is hard on the feet and sneakers just doesn't cut it for Paris where you have to try to look a bit glam to fit in. I'm sure you'll need the raincoat some time though I always have a little folding umbrella in my handbag. have fun, half the fun is in the anticipation.

  5. How exciting, Sandy. I know you will have a fabulous time. Lots of walking but you have the right shoes! xo

  6. You are going to Europe, how exciting. Have you ever been here before? You will love England, looking forward to hear all about it.;)
    Love that lunch.;)
    Have a great weekend Sandy,