Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Header

A gal can dream...

This is what we woke up to this morning.  

I wish it was to this beauty instead...

Even though snow is on the ground I'm thinking of Spring so I changed my blog header to a more Springy one using 

Valentine's decorations are put away and Easter decorations are coming out here at Teacup Lane.

It's fun to make these blog header collages at  

And it's free...

 Although you can upgrade to premium account at a small cost. 

Today I also tried out a new iPhone app call "BlogGo".

It's similar to the "Blogger" app...with one important feature.  

It will let you post photos within the text rather than inserting them all at the end of your post.

I'm not sure why there are these strange, outlined boxes around my photos with those ugly open spaces?

I set to have the photos "large" in the app maybe if I had set them to XL the photos would have filled in the spaces in the box outlines. 

There is always a learning curve with any application.

But this app is already a winner!

Watch the video to see all the great features it offers.

It works for iPad too.  

Click (here) for an excellent article I found entitled, "Ten Must Have Blogging Apps for iPhone". 

Then next blogging app I have to try is "Blogsy".

I don't know anything about Blogsy...apparently it works with iPad.

 I'll have to find out if it works with iPhone too.

That's all for today folks.

Think SPRING!      
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  1. New header is lovely, Sandy. We got several inches here, started late last night, enough that I rescheduled my tax appointment. Weekend should be nice, though. xo