Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Bunnies

I love bunnies.

Doesn't this cute bunny remind you of the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland"?

I'm hosting our BUNCO gals next week (for those of you not familiar with BUNCO it is an easy to play dice game) and really just an excuse for 12 women to get together to have FUN and TALK.

I have been busy cleaning and de-cluttering the kitchen and family room.  I cleaned out kitchen cabinets and drawers that haven't seen the light of day in years.  

I couldn't believe all the saved business cards we had stuffed away.  Every time I turned around I found another pile of them.  

They are like bunnies multiplying...

Another dark and rainy day but I know the trees, shrubs and grass love all this rain.

I bought the cute chick and bunny mugs with the stuffed animals at our local grocery store.  They are easy to store out of season and just fit my kitchen window ledge.

I made the EASTER banner too!

Yesterday I went to Michaels (our local craft store) and picked up some supplies for BUNCO...cute paper plates and napkins in lovely spring colors.  

I spotted this adorable white fur bunny and, of course, she came home with me.   

She will make a cute center piece for BUNCO. 

I took two plastic Easter eggs and tied ribbons around them and set them in my glass candle sticks. 

Easy, no cost decoration.

I taped my SPRING banner on the fireplace and put some more bunnies out.  

I haven't been crocheting this week as much.  I'm stuck on this round of my motif - this side isn't working out right.  I don't know...maybe my stitch count is off on the previous round.  I already frogged the previous round and re-did it.  And it still isn't working out.  I love this motif so I'll keep working on it.  

So true!!!!

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  1. Looks like Easter at your house, Sandy. I wish I knew of a Bunco group around here! I don't think I have 11 friends!!! lol xo

  2. Sandi~
    I love all of your Easter decor! I am a major bunny lover as well. The banner you made looks great :))) Your Bunco ladies are going to have a wonderful time in your darling home. Enjoy!

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