Saturday, March 2, 2013

She's Pretty in Pink

She's all done! 

The pretty in PINK Victorian Baby Jacket!

 I love this free pattern from Red Heart.

Of course I made a few modifications to the pattern.

The pattern called for one button with a crocheted button closure loop.

I didn't want a closure that would have a tendency to come open.

I opted to put three small pearl buttons on the front instead of one.

And in place of the button closure loop, I sewed three homemade buttonholes into the front facing with pink DMC embroidery thread.

(One commenter in Ravelry advised that the front of her jacket gapped open without a button closure.) 

I debated how to tack down the front lapels.  

Should I put buttons, crochet a flower ...I just couldn't decide. 

With the other embellishments already on the front - the picot edging on the collar and the ribbon tie - I didn't want it to look too fussy with even more on the collar.

Plus the collar lapels are small.

As I was trying to decide, my eye caught a deep rose cotton yarn in my piles around my chair and I thought to myself why not just add a simple embroidered straight line of stitches around the collar.   

It's pretty, but simple and it also tacks down the lapels neatly. 

I folded up the sleeves.  

They look a little long to me. 

Mom will have to adjust them for the size of her baby. 

I added pink felt for backing on the front facings to give extra strength to the buttons and buttonholes.

Not the best looking home sewn buttonholes I will admit.

Maybe I can erase the pencil marks before I give this to my niece?

With these facings it should be easier for my niece to button and unbutton her baby's jacket.

I tacked down all around the front facings with regular pink sewing thread.

What else did I changed?

The pattern called for the picot edging on the collar and the front facings.

I just added it to the collar.

Here's a closer look at the back.  

The white band is where the white ribbon is threaded through.

And a full view of the back.

This is only the second baby outfit I have crocheted.

I'm tickled PINK at how it came out.  

Not bad for me.

(Click here to go to Ravelry for more details).

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  1. Oh how cute! Love this little outfit. Love all the detail you put into it. I think I will be loved.

  2. It's an adorable little dress - your niece will love it. Great work with the button holes and figuring out all the details. :)

  3. This is just darling!! So many sweet little details.

  4. wow that is gorgeous:)

  5. I love the shade of pink, Sandy, so perfectly baby girl. Looks beautiful, lots of detail, too. Great job, your neice is going to love it, I'm sure. xo

  6. Sooooo adorable! What a great idea to make the buttonholes more stable! You did such a beautiful job on this! The Mom is going to be THRILLED! And that little green hanger is perfect for your photo of this! Absolutely precious!

  7. Very cute, Sandy! I love it. You did a great job on it.