Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Day To Go

Bunnies and Teddy Bears...

I got lots of them here at Teacup Lane!


I've been so busy readying my home for BUNCO tomorrow night...

 both blogging and crocheting have been put aside.

See the cute hat with the rabbit ears on my teddy bear cookie jar?

I'm thinking of wearing that bonnet at BUNCO tomorrow night.

It's a silly thing but I think it will be fun.

Or maybe I'll just let the teddy bear continue to wear it.  

This is my bunny water fountain.  

I hope I remember to fill it with water and turn it on tomorrow.

The house is clean and ready now.

 I'm just gathering stuff for the food preparation and the set up.

This is the cleanest my first floor has been in quite a while.

Starting VERY early with the de-cluttering and sorting through our kitchen drawers ready helped to get rid of lots of paper and other junk.  

I missed posting on St. Patrick's Day but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

We had a lovely time.

Friends invited us over for a delicious corn beef and cabbage dinner.

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  1. Wish I was a neighbor so I could be at the party, even as a 'replacement'! :) xo

  2. Your house seems all ready for Easter.;) Hope you will have a lovely weekend dear Sandy,