Sunday, March 24, 2013

Peter Pan Crochet Collar

I have always loved Peter Pan Collars.

I don't like open necklines. 

Never have. 

I prefer collars on my tops.

I love crocheted collars.

This pattern grabbed my eye the other day.

It seemed easy.

And it was.

It took longer to sew on my vintage pearl buttons then it did to crochet it. 

Jump over to Ravelry for additional details (my hook and yarn info).

Free Peter Pan Crochet Collar Pattern (here).

My flowers are still blooming.

It's another cold day here.

Hubby found this cartoon yesterday and sent it to me.

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  1. I love the lace collar you crocheted!! A friend made one for me, years ago, when Laura Ashley dresses were all the rage... I LOVED that collar and wore if often. I know what you mean about open necklines... I prefer collars, too.

  2. Such a pretty collar. I haven't heard of Peter Pan collars in a while, but you do love all things Disney! ;-) We are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow, I can't believe it, I hsve some bulbs sprouting up, too. xo

  3. Beautiful collar I spent most of my snow day on Friday making two I'm with you on preferring a closed collar.
    I'd really love it if you checked out mine there not as accomplished as yours :)