Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yarn & Snow

I'm adding more rounds to my Christmas Round Ripple...trying to adjust so it will lie flat.  

Well, as flat as I can make it.  

I is a "ripple"...and shouldn't it "ripple" at least a little?

I'm working on a band of two rounds of white then a round of variegated white, green and red which I will follow with another two rounds of white.

That will bring me to about 20 rounds total and then it's back to a lime green, red and lime green band.  

It is almost too big to put in the light box.  

It's so dark here today because of the snow. 

Yep, our first snow of the winter season finally arrived last night.  

Just a light to three inches.

I didn't get the last Christmas tree down yesterday.  Gosh, I'm slow.  

Today Hubby asked me to make Pap's Dip (our family recipe) and I want to try making Dee's (of The Pioneer Woman fame) recipe for perfect pie crust (here).   

That's just three things to do - wish me luck! 

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  1. Hi Sandy, 1st thanks so much for the info on GFC and Google +. I feel better but I am sure things will be crazy for a while. 2nd, I love this ripple design. The lighter green with red against white is gorgeous.

    We also had 1 - 3 inches of snow here. It is still very dark. xo

  2. bardzo ładne ci to wyszło