Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doilies as Christmas Decor

Red & White Doily
I know many of you have already put away your Christmas decorations but I leave ours up until around the middle of January.  

I think I forgot to show you how I decorated the posts on our staircase this Christmas. 

Red Doily

 I had two doilies I crocheted that I put over the tops of the posts and tied with ribbons.  

I liked the way they added a colorful touch to the foyer.  

My Crocheted Doilies!

Every year I loop our rope lights down the staircase and set the lights on a timer.  

It's very pretty at night.

What do you think of my crochet decorations?

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  1. Sandy, you already know how I feel about your crochet, I want to buy it!!! I am hoping to get back into crocheting myself, I am searching for my hooks, which I am sure I brought along with me when I moved here. xo

  2. So cute.... great idea!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  3. Very cute idea. Still catching up here today. Sorry about the weather that came from here your way.

  4. Cute! That's what I think! :) I leave my Christmas decor up longer, too. The tree comes down first and then I gradually take everything else down. that way, the house doesn't go into shock. ♥

  5. Those doilies are so sweet. My sister knits and crochets, and I have always thought it was such a talent when one know how to. Happy New Year!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley