Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IKEA Billy Bookcases

Going to get our IKEA Billy Bookcases!

Tuesday morning we got up fairly early for us so we could arrive at the IKEA store a little after opening at 10:00 AM.

We drove our one ton Ford F350 pick up truck so we could load and bring home any bookcases we purchased.

We decided on a total of five Billy units, three of what we call double bookcases, and two single bookcases in birch veneer.

Let me tell you these bookcase units were HEAVY!

There isn't much customer service at IKEA - I guess it's to keep costs down.  You have to select the items you want and carefully write down the item, aisle and bin number.

On the way to check out we grabbed a loading cart and found the items in the pick up area ourselves.

The only checkouts were self service too.

I don't know but I would hope that someone could assist you if you needed help because as a woman there was no way I could lift any of the packages by myself.  But I don't know if that is true as there were no signs telling you to ask for assistance if you needed it.  

At least we didn't have to worry about the weight with our one ton pick up truck!

At first we were only going to put one of the single units downstairs for my Christmas china but after putting one in place we decided two together balanced out better on the wall.

  Hubby assembled both single units and even attached them to the wall.

We bought an extension so the unit would go to the ceiling but then we realized we couldn't use it in our living room with the crown molding.  

We only have one glass door and we need two so next week we will return to IKEA.

This whole project started because we needed to add a wall of bookcases in our upstairs paperback library so we could move some of our hardcover books upstairs.

When we got the units home I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if we used one of the single units in the living room for my Christmas china.  So that's how two single units ended up there instead of upstairs.

I had so much fun gathering all our Christmas china together last night and putting it in one display.

Read about my Christmas China Pattern (here).
I'm assisting Hubby with assembling the double units for upstairs.

We'll have to buy two more single units to go with the three double units to make a full wall of bookcases 9 feet in length for the library room.  We may buy extensions for all the upstairs bookcases.  I think some doors would look nice too and help to control the dust.

Have you visited IKEA yet?  

The price is good - for five Billy Bookcase units, one extension and one glass door - the total was just under $500.  We're trying to control our collections and clutter one step at a time.

You'll have to wait to see the upstairs library units installed in a future post.

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  1. I haven't visited an Ikea store yet because I am scared if I do I will have to spend some money! I love this music!!

  2. I think your china looks beautifully displayed like this. I have never been to Ikea and now I don't think it is the store for me. I have been wanting a small cart to use as an island in my kitchen but I probably won't be able to get it in my car and having no truck, forget it. I have heard they have a nice snack bar, their crepes are supposed to be very good. xo

  3. We have had Billy bookcases for many years, they are excellent. China display looks perfect.
    Carol xx

  4. We do not have any IKEA stores near here. Love the bookcases!!

  5. Your collection looks beautiful all together! :)

  6. I love IKEA, too. Those shelves are perfect for the china.
    Thanks for linking to WIW, we love partying with you.
    See you Wednesday!