Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet My Sweet Henry!

This is Henry, my adorable Queen's Guardsman, in his bright red coat.

Several years ago, while still working, my Hubby made his first, and only, business trip abroad to The Netherlands. 

On his way home he stopped for the day in London.

Imagine my surprise when he got home and pulled this cute fellow out of his suitcase.

One of Henry's Mates!

Although Henry will miss guarding the Queen with his fellow mates, he was very happy to come live with us across the Pond.

I'm Henry, the Queen's Guardsman!
What a Hubby!

Here he was, very limited on time, and trying to do some sightseeing in London and he thinks of me and stops in Harrods to buy a teddy bear for me!

What a wonderful loving gesture!

I never thought I would have anything from Harrods!  

And especially not something so cute as Henry.  

Thanks sweetie!  

Love Ya!

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  1. What a great gift. i would love to visit London one day. Your round ripple is working up nicely.

  2. How cute! My husband...a Brit...was in the Coldstream Guards...one of the Queen's guard regiments that find the Guard at Buckingham Palace. The photo you have above is a a guard from the Scots Guard regiment...you can tell by the buttons!

    1. Thanks for the information Ruth! I should probably just say Henry is a Guardsman and leave it at that since I don't really know if he guarded the Queen or not. I noticed the trim & buttons were different on the human guardsman but didn't know why. LOL!

  3. Henry is quite a handsome teddy! I am sure you would have done a loving gesture for your dh if you were traveling, too! ;-) xo

  4. Henry is so cute! Thanks for introducing us to him.