Sunday, October 2, 2011

Have a Cuppa?

Violet Tower

It's dark, dreary and raining here today.  I'm so tired of overcast days.  

I guess we will just have to go to Florida soon.  

Hubby and I are playing around with our new EZ Cube light box (blogged about here).  

We learned that even with the light box and lamps you may still have to "play" with the settings on your digital camera.  

Hubby "found" the setting to adjust the exposure on my Canon Powershot S80 and it really makes a difference when set higher combined with the new photography equipment.  

These are the best shots I've ever taken of my least on a dark day.  

I still have to practice obtaining the best exposure as some shots I took came out too light (ha...that's a new problem!) 

The EZ Cube people recommend that you should always use a tripod too in order to take the sharpest photos.  

I haven't done that yet I'm lazy..

You would never know it is dark outside here today looking at these photos.

I think I'm going to get a cuppa of tea...wish you could join me!

And I may play some more with my EZ Cube....

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  1. Beautiful cups and lovely photos. They certainly are clear. Your ezCube was a great buy.

  2. Your tea cup photos are wonderful. I just love tea time, and I take time out each day for a cup.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Dear Sandy,
    as you have read, we have hot days here, but even those will soon end and the real Scandinavian autumn is on its way, with rain and cold and darkness.
    Lovely china cups and I love your new Halloween header.;)
    Have a lovely week,

  4. Whatever you did ... the photos are so professional looking!! Beautiful cups!!

  5. Lovely cups! Filled with tea and a treat on the side they brighten up any day I would think.

  6. oh so lovely.. Im addicted to pink too.. Hope you'll drop by at Colours Dekor and join the linky party there too..

  7. Omigosh Sandy - I love these teacups, the way you stacked them all up and of course perfect photo shots! Happy Tea Tuesday!

  8. Such pretty teacups - and lovely photos. I'm beginning to think a tripod may be a good investment - but that doesn't seem to click with my spontaneous picture taking.

    PS I enjoyed Monster Mash while here, thanks for that too.

  9. Sandi, your violets are soo pretty. They set off nicely with the other colors and designs.

    Your photos did come out perfectly bright and cheery. I still don't know how to use my digital to the best of its ability.

    Happy Tuesday,

  10. Sandy, I love Homely things, Christmas, and crocheting...I would like to subscribe to your blog, but I am having some trouble.


  11. All your tea cups are so beautiful! They look so good together. The colors mesh so well. I love a thistle cup, and yours is gorgeous!
    p.s. I think your photos are very good!

  12. Your stack of teacups is sooo lovely. I love the thistle cup especially.

  13. Hi Sandy,
    those are really professional photos. Perfect for such nice tea cups. Love the violet tower, one is nicer than the next. Thank you for sharing the ingenious Light Cube and the fantastic china.
    Best greetings, Johanna