Monday, October 3, 2011

True Blue

I love the blue fabric tufted head board and foot board in this blue and white bedroom!

A beautiful blue and white floral arrangement....

Blue and white striped dishes...what a stunning presentation!

More blue and white stripes in this stunning but simple bedroom design!

Wow...I'm sure there is a horn on this magnificent blue eyed animal and this is an unicorn and not a white horse!

Oh, my, this blue sky is just so beautiful it takes my breath away!

I hope you enjoyed My Blue Monday!
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  1. Lovely blues, especially the sky. Thanks for sharig.

  2. Such stunning !! stunning!! blue images.. Simply gorgeous!!

  3. that beautiful blue bedroom makes me think why didn't I paint mine blue. I still can I guess but my carpet is green. I need a new one of those anyway.