Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Stop on Way to Florida

First night on the road to Florida...that's our little travel van with all the big motorhomes!

We're at Carolina Crossroads Campground in Roanoke Rapids, NC.  

We had a nice drive down here today stopping for lunch at my favorite restaurant, Mimi's Cafe, in Fredericksburg, VA.

On to Savannah, GA tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day today...sunny and low 70's just a little windy out. 

I'll only be able to post if we get decent internet service at our campgrounds.  

Walt Disney World or BUST! 

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  1. Looks like a fabulous day for travel. Micky will be happy you are arriving one time. Great to travel with you today, as we were just doing garden put away for winter here all day.

  2. Have fun Sandy! You are 20 minutes from me right now. :) Your travel van is adorable and probably much easier to set up than the huge motor homes. Have a safe trip!

  3. Have a fun-filled and safe trip. Sandy. Looking forward to photos. xo

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Glad to hear your trip is going well so far. Welcome to the Sunshine State (tomorrow), enjoy Disney!!!
    xo Susan

  5. Hi Sandy,
    I've been having a lot of trouble commenting lately but I have been visiting!
    Lucky you to be off on the road again. It will be very different , I imagine in your smaller motorhome. I imagine you have it all well organised.
    I love your rainbow afgan. You and Kate are both dazzling us with your rainbows.
    Looking forward to your photos along the way.
    Cheers and have a great holiday