Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blooming Flower Petal Cushion & Other New Stuff

My Blooming Flower Petal Cushion

As I promised a few days ago here are some photos of my recently finished...

Blooming Flower Petal Cushion

I blogged about it (here) and (here) perviously.   

We have had such dark overcast days here this week.  This morning I finally got around to cleaning out the interior of our car.  The sun was sort of out when I started and blocked by clouds when I finished.  It was so dark in our garage.  It took me a little over two hours to clean the interior.  It had been so long since it had been cleaned out that I had to take carpet cleaner to the rugs up front.   The UPS postman delivered a package while I was busy slaving away with the car.

After lunch Hubby and I opened our package.  I we have a new toy to play with thanks to my sweet Hubby.  He bought me a light box and a set of two lamps to help with my blog picture taking on those dark days.  I will let him "play" with it too.

All of these photos today were taken in the EZ Cube light box...I had to try it out! 


The same yarn colors were used on the back just in a different order than the front of the cushion.


I had some muslin fabric on hand so I cut out two circles the size of the top and stitched it up on my trusty New Home sewing machine and filled it with stuffing I had on hand too.  I figured I would have trouble finding a ready made pillow insert the right size and it would probably be more expensive than I wanted to pay.   My homemade one was free.  

If any of you want to try to crochet your own Blooming Flower Petal Cushion you can find the pattern (here) thanks to the gracious Lucy at Attic24

Now back to our surprise package!

We laid out our new photography equipment on our kitchen island.

New photography equipment!

I could have made a white box fairly cheap out of a cardboard box but we liked this system from Table Top Studios (website here) because you can fold down the light box so easily.  

When I'm not using it I can put it away out of sight.  

No big awkward cardboard box taking up room even when not in use. 

The EZ Cube light box folded all up is the round flat white object in the photo above.  

EZ-Cube light box set up!

This is how big our EZ Cube light box is when set up!  

We decided to go a little bigger in size just in case we have a larger object. 

We also purchased two new lamps too.   

The light lamp hoods are black fabric too so they fold down nicely when not in use.

New things to play with and learn about.  

Hopefully it will help me with my blog photo taking especially on dark, rainy days.   

New project in the works!

This is a sneak peek of what I am working on now. 

Can you guess what it is?   

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  1. I WANT ONE OF THOSE LIGHT BOXES! I have been looking on Ebay but now I will check out this website.

    The above definitely looks like a rainbow! xo

  2. Great cushion Sandy! The light box is very cool too! I may have to check into getting one. Neat idea! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love this cushion! Thanks for posting a link to the patten. This one is going on my to-do list. I invite you to link up to my "Finished for Friday" party.

  4. Glad to see you finished the petal cushion and I just love your light box.

  5. I've been admiring these petal pillows that are popping up all over. I like that you actually crocheted the back side too...really lovely, Sandy. Your photos are looking great too. Boy you're ready to take it up a notch with some serious equipment...nice!

  6. Beautiful cushion! What are you working on? Maybe a bunting? I really love the colours on your wip project. Please share more pics.
    Gloria x

  7. I love your pillow! This may spur me on to perfect my crocheting skills. So, so cute! The light box is great. It's nice that you'll both use it. Makes it easier to justify. ;-)

  8. Maravillosos trabajos.Saludos Celia de Uruguay