Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vertical Book Shelf

It's a beautiful sunny day here with low humidity.  We turned the A/C off and opened the doors and windows.  It's wonderful!

Take a look at this vertical book shelf unit.     

We love books!

Not only do I love to read but so does my Hubby.  

When you have as many books as we do you need some way of keeping track of your inventory.  Several years ago we purchased a scanner inventory computer program, called IntelliScanner.  We found it's a great way to organize our books and movies.  So far we have inventoried all of our DVDs.  But....not all of our books.  We have collected hundreds thousands of books over the 37 years we have been married.  I do enter any new books we have purchased into our inventory program but we have no idea how many books we have at this moment.  Someday I hope to get all of them scanned and entered.  Recently, after cleaning out our upstairs paperback library, we took about 800 science fiction paperback books to Good Will.  I organized all the remaining paperback books and now we can see what we have at a glance.  But that's just one area where we have books stored.     

I love this vertical book shelving...and the turquoise color too.  If I get rid of the high stool we have in our kitchen I could put one of these up and put my cookbooks on it.  It's one of those decorating thoughts I have that I haven't acted on yet.  I think I've seen a similar unit at Ikea.  Heck, it would be easy just to make one from scratch I bet. 

Other news...our old GE dishwasher (15 plus years) wasn't working properly so we had a fancy new stainless steel one (Kitchen Aid) installed today by Lowe's.   This is the second appliance we have bought and had installed by Lowe's and we are very happy with their service.  Just our opinion - we aren't being paid to say this.  We have never had such a quiet dishwasher...we can barely tell it is running.  

Next week we take our travel van back to the RV dealership to have the toilet replaced.  It's a brand new unit so the work is under warranty.  We'll both have to drive up and leave the van for the work overnight.   I wish the dealership was closer - it's an hour and 1/2 to two hour drive up there - but it is what it is.  

We have campground reservations to go to a little 4 day rally just for small travel vans (i.e., RVs categorized as "Bs") like ours at Hershey, PA during the Hershey RV Show in the middle of September.  At this rate that will be our first overnight trip in the van.  

That's all the news here at Teacup Lane.  Hope you are having a lovely day too.    

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  1. Glad to know that someone else likes to keep inventories of books and movies. Do you sort them too. My movies are stored alphabetically :-)

  2. I've been gone for a week up to Fairbanks installing my grandson in college there and now I'm back catching up on my blogs. I do love your bookshelf there for displaying the larger formatted books. I too have been collecting books and have taken to moving lots of them out on I just sold 2 more this week. It's not that I make lots of money but the books go to the right person who wants them. I first locate the book on Amazon and see how much and how many they sell then decide to list mine or not. I have gone over to a Kindle now and don't want to be buying that many paper books anymore taking up space and someone has to deal with them when I am gone.

  3. I can't wait to hear all about your Hershey adventure. I love the way you are organized with your books and movies, I would love to do that for my recipes. xo,

  4. Dear Sandy, so you have truly organized all your DVDs, I am so impressed, I woudl sure need to do that as well. I only need the day to have about 48 hours.;) I love that cute book shelf, what a great idea.
    Your upcoming 4 day trip sounds like fun.;)
    Thank you so much for your recent visit, yes indeed my life has changed around and i enjoy this turn.;))

  5. Love books too!! I have downsized a lot of mine & donated to various organizations!! There are always those I will never read again & those that fall under the category of what was I thinking!! LOL!!
    Great Post!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  6. simply gorgeous!! I had one.. that I hadn't nailed on the wall.. if fell straight down on the floor.. after which Im a bit nervous and have learnt my lesson :-)