Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Basket Baby Throw WIP

Another ripple!

Easter Basket

... my second ripple will be a small baby throw.   

I'm using Lucy Attic24's fantastic Neat Ripple Pattern (here) again.

 I love this variegated 90% acrylic/10% nylon yarn, Bernat Baby Jacquards, plus it sure saves time and effort of changing colors and weaving in ends.   Actually the name of the yarn color is "Easter Basket" which I thought makes a cute name for the throw too.  The yarn was excellent to work with and is very soft and lightweight.  It will be a perfect summer throw for my niece's baby due in May.     

Starting "Easter Basket" my second ripple throw.

Since taking these photos I have finished the ripple body - it took two skeins to complete.    
I used a G hook for this project. 

Now I will have to (yippee!) make a trip to Michaels to get some light weight baby yarn for the border and edging.   I was going to use the pretty green cotton yarn, Bernat Baby Cakes, shown above but it is too thick of a yarn for this delicate throw. 

Remember when I mentioned I was using a wooden dowel to unwind my yarn as I crocheted (blogged about here).  Well, my rough version of a yarn holder worked sort of but needed some improvements like a good base foundation and a way to make the yarn spin better.  I didn't want to put Hubby to work making something for me. 

So I did an Internet search and found containers shaped like bottles to put your yarn in and then the yarn fed out of the top of the bottle.  But I thought this type of bottle container ~ while good at keeping one's yarn clean ~ could still fall on the ground and roll away (shown here).  

Then one day I was in Ravelry (here) and saw an advertisement for a "yarn tamer".  There was a website (here) to view a demo (here) and it looked just like what I was envisioning.  I decided to try the taller version.  It was easy to order it online and it arrived quickly.  I used it the same night and it works great holding my yarn in place and spinning it out as I crochet. 

My "Yarn Tamer"
And the "Yarn Tamer" is lightweight and compact so it should travel nicely too.   This neat little tool should make my crocheting more pleasant!

Well, thanks for joining me as I ramble on about my crocheting.    

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  1. Hello! Your "yarn tamer" is a fantastic idea! Nice little ripple too!

  2. I must have missed the finish of your first ripple while I was gone! I'll have to go back and have a look see at it.

  3. Great springtime colors in your blanket! Good idea too with your yarn tamer.

  4. Now that is a handy gadget!! and the baby throw is delightful. What a good idea to use the variegated yarn.