Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mr. Cardinal

I should save this photo for REDnesday!  

I saw Mr. Cardinal sitting by our heated birdbath this morning and grabbed my camera hoping he would fly over to get a drink.  Even though the sun is shining beautifully this morning it is only 30 degrees F. !  

I took this photo through the wood shades from our kitchen window.   

I just love the bright red of Cardinals. 

I hope your morning is as lovely as mine!  

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  1. That bright red is such a pretty sight!

  2. Such cool pictures! Just crop them and put them up again for next Red Wednesday! I won't mind seeing him again with a closer view. Cardinals are so pretty, especially against white snow or everything else brown and dead in the background.

  3. What a wonderful idea to have a heated birdbath. Those are great photos.

  4. What a wonderful photo! and what a fantastic looking bird. How lucky to have this in your own backyard !!

  5. Hey Sweet Sandy- How I do love those RED birds too. Red is my color today. As you can tell I'm running out of things to blog about, but you know me... I will continue to march on. As always a treat to visit and a treat to hear from you.

    G.B. - The Crazy One in Red.

  6. Fantastic photos Sandy. Never seen these birds before, what a lovely splash of colour

  7. Mrs. Cardinal is close by somewhere because they are never far from each other.

    We have 2 cardinal couples who live in our backyard. I love them, too!

    Ricki Jill

  8. So cute! Those are lovely photos.
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog ;-)

  9. I love cardinals!! They are Ky's state bird! I am originally from Ky!

  10. I love those cardinals as I've never lived where they do.

  11. Hi Sandy, just popped over from Ravelry for a first visit.
    What a beautiful bird, I have it as an ornament but the only red birds we get in the garden are the bright and cheerful Robins. If you are working you can guarantee one will be watching ready to pounce on any worms you unearth.
    Carol xx
    p.s. as I just looked out the window I saw our (well he visits a lot!) pheaant running hell for leather down to the patio as if to say "hey, I've got red feathers too!"

  12. What a beautiful picture! You did well to take it through the blind slots like that!
    have a great day!