Wednesday, March 2, 2011

REDnesday - Yummy REDs and CSN Giveaway Winner

Courtesy of Flickr

1. Beyond the Square - Motif 19, 2. Rainbow Flower Crochet Bolster, 3. Tiny Granny Table Mat 2, 4. New Beginnings..., 5. Teeny Tiny Crochet Heart Bunting, 6. Rainbow Baby Blanket, 7. Pink Flower Garland, 8. Granny rectangle blanket, 9. Untitled

Yummy REDs just for YOU!

Take a look at these fantastic crocheting projects from talented Flickr members. 

Click on each legend to see the full photo.  

There are more REDs to enjoy with our host, Sue, at 

It's A Very Cherry World

for REDnesday!

And now for the results of my CSN Giveaway!

I promised to announce the winner of my $20 gift certificate CSN giveaway today (posted about here).

After tallying up the entries and consulting with the handy dandy random number generator....

Donnie - I will email the CSN promotion code to you!

Many thanks to all of you who entered!  

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  1. Thank you so much Sandy. Your email is marked noreply so I couldn't answer that. CSN is a great place to do business and I am so looking forward to using it. Have a wonderful day. You made mine.

  2. I dearly love all those crochet pieces. Donnie was a lucky and deserving winner.

  3. I can always spot you a mile away when scrolling through Google Reader. I don't even have to look. Great Reds today.


  4. I love all the colorful crochet work. I posted an thrifted afghan today. Love it!