Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Magic Kingdom

Here's another posting on our recent trip to Walt Disney World in Florida (also posted here).  We couldn't resist taking the ferry over to one of the four parks - the Magic Kingdom - on our first full day in Walt Disney World (Florida).   Unfortunately, for most of our stay, it was gray and overcast with rain off and on.  So our photos will not be bright and sunny.  Here's the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.  This building is the train depot for the train that runs around the Magic Kingdom.  

Mickey "Indiana Jones" Mouse

Mickey "Jack Sparrow" Mouse

Unfortunately on this trip repair work was taking place on Cinderella's Fairy Castle.  Usually this is one of our favorite places to take photos.  Click here to see what it should look like.  

 The Magic Kingdom is magical.  One of our favorite attractions is Buzz Lightyear - a fun laser game.  The park wasn't very crowded later in the evening and we walked right into the Haunted House and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Another disappointment was one of our favorite places to eat - the Crystal Place - was closed under going renovations.  But we understand that repairs and renovations are necessary and we must say that Disney is very good about minimizing the impact on guests.  All work is done at night when the park is closed.  We hit all the shops on Main Street and watched the evening lighted parade down Main Street before taking the ferry back to Fort Wilderness.  The Magic Kingdom fireworks were going off by the time we docked at Fort Wilderness so we watched the display from the boat dock.   

Coming up next - Animal Kingdom!
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  1. It does look a "magical" place and you would have to turn into a kid-at-heart to enjoy it so much - lovely

  2. Oh Sandy, I so envy you....I just love Disneyworld!! Glad you had a great trip.

  3. Very fun! We didn't have much of a wait either when we went right after Christmas. It was really cold though then. Love your pictures!

  4. Lovely! I know the feeling of being in place where the main attraction is being repaired, it happens to me often.;)
    I have been in Magic Kingdom twice and loved it every time, just like a kid.;)