Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hollywood Studios

On to day FIVE at Walt Disney World during our recent trip and on this day we are visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios.  This is a cute, little park.  Not as much walking as the other parks but it has lots of fun attractions.

Here's a famous scene from Disney's Fantasia with Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.   Isn't this lovely and look at the pail spilling out flowers as the water!  

Mickey Mouse is everywhere...on this water tower...

And on this water tower - how cute is that!

This is the Disneyland jet that Walt Disney used to scout out the land in Florida for Walt Disney World.

Sorry for the dark photo - this is my FAVORITE ride at WDW...

Me riding Toystory Midway Mania 3-D arcade.  This ride is so much fun!  See my new Mickey Mouse earrings! 

This is a view of the Toystory Midway Mania 3-D loading and unloading area. 

And it's snowing here at home (again) today with the weather guys predicting a foot of snow!
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  1. I seriously, think we will have to head over to Orlando for a day trip. You make it look so much more fun than I remember.

    Ok, I know I need to go pack....he-he....

    Kate - TGB

  2. Lovely photos with nice discription. :)
    I had visited Universal Studios in Florida. :)