Friday, February 12, 2010

Disney Magic

Now that we have dug ourselves out of the snowstorm I thought I would tell you a little about our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  For our first night's stop Hubby drove us down to Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina to an RV Resort we have stopped at in the past.  After setting up the RV and unhitching the truck my hubby decided to de-winterize the water heater and went back outside while I was straightening up the inside.  A few moments later my hubby came into the RV with blood streaming out of the top of his head.  He had "forgotten" that the bedroom slide was out and walked right into the sharp edge.  Now let me tell you head wounds bleed heavily and it is scary.   Luckily he didn't lose consciousness or faint from the lost of blood.  Once the bleeding slowed down we drove to the nearest ER.  Two and 1/2 hours later, NINE stitches, a headache and a very sore head my hubby walked out of the ER.  

Trying to cheer up my sweetie, I told him that tomorrow would be better.  Wrong thing to say.  The next morning as hubby was outside breaking camp and hitching up the truck he came into the RV and said that the jacks on the RV (things that support the trailer bedroom overhang when unhitched from the truck) weren't working properly.  After hitching up the truck to the trailer one jack wouldn't retract all the way up.  We called an emergency RV road service we belonged to and an hour and 1/2 later the service van showed up.  The bad news was that they couldn't fix the jack but the good news was that they were able to fix it so we could drive down the road with the jack down.  Back on the road we decided to continue to Florida and look into having the jack fixed down there.  Thankfully we made up our lost time and managed to arrive at Walt Disney World on our scheduled arrival date.  The only problem was we wouldn't be able to unhitch the truck from the RV so we would be without a vehicle to drive outside WDW.  We rented a golf cart to get around Ft. Wilderness Resort Campground.  Luckily our college friends who were flying down to spend the week with us rented a car at the airport so we had "wheels" to get groceries, eat outside the park if we wished and a way to take hubby to get his stitches out the next week.  So we had our "golf wheels" for inside the campground and our friends had the "car wheels" for outside the park.  Not a great start to a vacation but we were so happy to have made it to WDW.  Stay tuned for more on our trip.  

Isn't this the cutest Minnie and Mickey throw?   

Have you had unexpected experiences on your trips?  
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  1. Poor hubby, not a good start to your holiday - I am sure that it got better though!!! **Kim** x

  2. I second that POOR HUBBY !!!!!

    I truly hope you guys had a great time. I have never been to disney world. My husband has but not me. Looks like a lot of fun there. Did you see the new Harry Potter section????

  3. Sandy, I have had such fun catching up on your posts! Wasn't the snow beautiful to come home to? I just loved your photograph of the Magic Kingdom, what a wonderful vacation. My next door neighbors and their three children are leaving soon for nine days - too long???? The three shades of blue afghan is going to be just wonderful. I keep changing my mind on colors to begin a new one! So hard to choose. Thank you so much for stopping by. I must look in on the dollhouse you mentioned. I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day. I think you will with such a great husband! Elizabeth

  4. Oh that is so sad! I do like the throw though. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip. The start was rough and you came home to a blizzard sure hope the rest was wonderful!

  5. The throw is precious, and poor hubby with a bad headache. I hope he is better real soon. Have fun from now on, okay?

  6. awwwwwwww.....hopefully the rest of the trip will make up for the rough start!

  7. Wow, that was a very exciting beginning to your trip indeed. But I guess stories like these (as long as they have happy endings) make trips memorable.:)
    Have a lovely weekend,