Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diggin' Out!

Here it is the next morning after our 2nd BIG snowstorm.  The first one Saturday dumped 28.5 inches on Philadelphia and this one dumped another 15.8 inches of wet, heavy snow!  It's nice to see blue sky again  it was so gray and dark yesterday with the storm.  

Starting the removal...

The first path...

Where's the driveway?

Almost to the end!

Broke free to the street!!!


Look at that snow blow....

View of house from the street.

Getting wider slowly...

Pretty high, huh?  The sun was so bright on all that white we had to wear our sun glasses and we were still squinting. 

I'm resting and I didn't do the work.  

The hardest working hubby and I love him!!!!

And guess what - more snow is predicted for this coming Monday!

Aren't we lucky!  
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  1. Now, that is some serious digging out. Talk to my brother last night in Pennington, NJ. They had 16 by 7pm and it was still coming down. I told them I'd send Scooter his way with his blower. Do you want him to stop on his way there to help you all. We are all about helping the neighbors here on our block....but with a snow like that, I don't think so. Love the picture of the one on the deck with the shadows. Great shot. In fact, these are all great shots and keepers. Don't you love how we just stand around and take pictures while they are doing all that work. Scooter is getting a little bugged by this whole blog thing. But, he is really a pretty good sport 99% of the time.

    Happy Digging,
    Hope the next on isn't as bad.

    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3
    <3 = Heart
    <3 <3 <3 = Hearts
    Cool Posting

  2. OH WOW!!!
    So pretty and so much work. I can only imagine what it is like when it turns to water - no I can't . You'll have to take pictures. It must make a HUGE mess!
    Well enjoy it while it's pretty.

  3. O M GOODNESS!!!!!
    Girlfriend...that is some serious snowfall.
    Doesn't it make you want to hightale it back to Disney!!!!
    You can tell it's pretty heavy.
    You win for the most snowfall...YIKES!
    Stay in a keep cozy...bake something fun...and create!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet up-North Mornings...

  4. now that is some snow yikes! it sure is pretty when the sun shines though.

  5. Oh my heavens!!! I've never experienced snow like that while living in GA. Were lucky if we get 3 inches. Bundle up and stay warm!! XO,Jenn

  6. My goodness, you have had a heavy load there. Looks lovely but mighty hard work to dig out ! Beautiful pictures though.

    Have a warm weekend

  7. The photos are great, the sky looks such a pretty clear blue, especially against the crisp white snow.
    Stay in with hook and yarn at hand and maybe a warm drink as well

  8. Wow! now that's alot of snow. Cannot imagine living in it. After our ONE day of 6inch snow...the most I've ever seen here in the deep south..I don't know how you northerners do it.
    It was beautiful for a day....more than that? um...not so sure. I really like our hot days!!

  9. oh my goodness - it's hard to imagine all that snow when we are sweltering in 35 - 42 degrees Celcius in Western Australia! what a contrast!