Monday, April 14, 2014

Shadow Work

We just returned from a week in Ohio visiting family.

Hubby was recovering from a cold and I came down with one the evening we arrived in Ohio.

I was miserable the first three days there and really felt awful on the third day, Wednesday.  

I went to bed at 5 PM and didn't get up until 9 AM the next morning.  

Thank goodness that was the turning point and I slowly started feeling better each day.  

At the class

When we returned home I felt well enough to attend an Embroidery Club session on Sunday where we sewed a small sachet pocket in "Shadow Work" embroidery. 

We took two pieces of plain white semi sheer fabric, a piece of batting and then sandwiched colored fabrics where the embroidered leaves, flower and butterflies were to be stitched to create a "shadow" of the underlining colored fabrics. 

Yesterday was in the 80s here and today in the 70s.

The trees and shrubs are budding out.  

The house was too hot today so we turned on our new air conditioner for the first time!  


So early to have A/C on.

Coming together nicely…sorry this is a little blurry.

Although I haven't had a chance to get out and buy some Soft Pink yarn yet, I did start joining together the rounds of my throw, Pink Delight.  

First I tried joining the squares matching the color of each round. 

That looked nice but didn't have the punch I wanted.  

So I "frogged" the join and started over using the gray yarn.  

With the gray yarn join

That was perfect!

I need to get some more Soft Pink yarn so I can finish the sixth round.

And then on to the edging.

So true…

One can hope!

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  1. I thought you were quiet in Blogland. Glad you are feeling better. Throw is really lovely. Happy Easter! xo

  2. So glad you are feeling better. Your throw is looking wonderful :-)
    Tracey x

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