Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sew Busy!

I've been sew busy the last few days working on my Easter embroidery projects.  

First I embroidered this cute bunny from my purchased Anita Goodesign Mini Collection "Holiday Tea Towels".   

I will add a fabric border to it and frame it to hang in our foyer. 

"Which Came First" Mini Quilt

Our "Party with Patrick" March project is a mini quilt called "Which Came First".    

I'm experimenting with my digital software applications, "TruEmbroidery" to see how I can use it to enhance the embroidery designs.  

I was frustrated with the program at first because I couldn't figure out how to do anything.  But my tech guy, aka Hubby, came to my rescue and figured out how it worked to load my designs.  

Then things started to fall in place and I'll liking the program more and more everyday. 

It has the cutest bunnies stippling. 

I stippled each square individually first and then sew the appliqués.  

I sewed each chick separately and then thought why couldn't I use my digital software, TruEmbroidery, to place the two Easter eggs centered correctly on my hoop and do both at once.  

It worked beautifully.  

I took out the chicks and reversed the eggs to the other corners.

At the same time I added the lettering selected from the TruEmbroidery fonts too.  

The digital software plays a video showing me how the design will stitch out too.  

It also will print out the design in its actual size. 

I loved this font but it wasn't the best choice for these busy fabrics.

I'm learning which fonts to use... sort of.  

I goofed and used one that I liked (above) but it didn't show up on the busy fabric backgrounds very well. 

 The first try was in pink thread.  

I went over it again in purple. 

A little better. 

But not great.

Second try in purple thread with white thread filler.

I tried free motion quilting the inside of the lettering in white thread.  

I should of hand embroidered the white to stand out better but I was lazy. 

You can read most of it - the word "first" is still a little hard to read.  

Live and learn.  

This will be a mug rug, "Easter Eggs". 

Now I'm working on my Patrick Lose March Mug Rug called "Easter Eggs".  

Both the front and back are done.  

The next step is sewing on the pink binding.

That's on my to-do list today.  

The front.

See how I cleverly positioned the lamb and flower on the pink fabric egg!!

The back.

Once is not enough…let's repeat the positioning of the lamb and flowers on the pink fabric star!

See how it is easier to read the lettering on the back then the front.

And I love how the bunnies are peeking out from behind the Easter egg.

I didn't plan that it just happened.

My DIY - fabric weights

I made my own fabric weights this week. 

Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw this on the Internet so I can't give credit where it is due.  

But apparently it's less expensive than buying them so I've read.  

We went to Lowe's and bought some heavy duty washers two each in three sizes.  

Hubby superglued two of each size together.  

Then I wrapped them in ribbon to protect my fabric when cutting it.  

Super cute and easier to use then pins. 

Sew...What have you been up to?

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  1. Not nearly enough compared to what you've been up to! lol. Waiting for warmer weather. Should be a nice week. xo