Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Good Morning and Happy Easter!

I woke up feeling better this morning and decided to make chocolate chip pancakes for our breakfast as a treat.  

I just caught Hubby before he made toast for himself.  

And I had a surprise too.  

Hubby bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a Keurig travel mug.  

What a sweetie pie!

I recorded a public TV PBS Great Performances special on the Dave Clark 5 and watched it yesterday.  

It was wonderful.  

Now many of you are too young to know who this band was but in the Sixies there were three fantastic Bands that came out of Britain...the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Dave Clark 5.  

Boy did they have the hits…"Glad All Over", "Catch Me If You Can", "Because",  "Bits and Pieces" and "I Like It Like That" just to name a few. 

I actually saw them perform live in downtown Cleveland in 1965.  Unfortunately my seat was so far from the stage they looked like little matchstick people and the audience was screaming so loudly I could barely hear them singing. 

Source:  Pinerest Left to right:  Denis Payton, Dave Clark, Mike Smith, Rick Huxley and Lenny Davidson.

Their music was so fun and made you feel happy.  

Dave Clark was the drummer and the manager of the band. 

He was very good at it.  

I never realized that he wasn't the lead singer (Mike Smith was).
Source:  Pinerest    Mike Smith…lead singer of the Dave Clark 5

They were such sharp dressers and all were nice looking.  

Sadly three of the group have passed (Mike Smith, Denis Payton and Rick Huxley).  

At the end of the special they told how the band decided to stop touring in 1970 (but were still friends).  

Dave Clark went on to do other things one of which was a musical called "Time".  One of the singers in the musical was a man called Freddy Mercury and he was a good singer.  I thought his name was familiar but I couldn't place him.  

Turns out he was the lead singer of "Queen".  


One of my Hubby's (and mine) favorite songs is "Princes of the Universe" - the theme song for the Highlander TV series.  

On to crocheting...I'm working on the edging of my throw, "Pink Delight".  

Here's a peek!

Working on the edging

I'm kind of chatty this morning.  

Guess I am feeling better.  

The back is better no more muscle spasms at least.

The cold is still lingering a little. 

Source:  Pinerest

Have a lovey and blessed Easter my dear "peeps"!

Source:  Pinerest

Somebunny loves ya!
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  1. I remember the Dave Clark 5 and their music. Oldies but goodies.

    Happy Easter! Nice flowers.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Love your photos. I barely remember this group? don't know why., i liked their song Catch Us if You can.. xo

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Need to be better for your holiday. We are off in a week, when do you go?

  4. Happy Easter Monday! You had a much better Easter breakfast than I….such cute Easter images!
    Your throw has the prettiest colors in it. It's looking great!