Friday, April 4, 2014

Ick...I Ran Out of Yarn!

I know it's Murphy's Law of crocheting.  

I'm thisclose to finishing the squares and triangles of the body of my throw, 


... I ran out of Soft Pink yarn.  

On the last Refreshing square of Soft Pink.  


Arrow points to last Refreshing square where I ran out of Soft Pink Yarn!

The good news is I finished all 24 of the Half Triangle Grannies.  

Even the ends are weaved in for all.  

Next I will join all the squares and triangles and then crochet the edging.  

I think a simple edging in white will complete my vision.  

Now to ponder how I will join the squares and triangles.  

One thought is to use the gray yarn and have the join show on top. 

Another thought is to join with pink or white and not have it show from the top.  

So...I experimented and joined the first two rounds like I did with my Sparkle Throw.  

I use the color of the first round,"Watermelon," and did

a simple join of single crochet then chain three all the way around on the back side.

But…now I'm at a standstill and can't move on to Round 3 until I purchase more of the Soft Pink yarn.


I may frog this join and go ahead of use gray for a one color join for all squares.  

Let's move on to embroidering.  

I have to show you this.  

I have a knit top that I spilled Clorox on the front.  

I like this top and wasn't ready for it to be a work top only.
The bleached spot.

So I thought it would be neat to try embroidering a design on it to cover up the bleached out spot. 

I picked a TruEmbroidery design that was about the size of the spot.

You know I like Teddy Bears and it seemed this design wasn't too childish.  

The result!

Hubby said it looks like the knit top came with this design!

Isn't he sweet!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Very sweet, cute, congratulations, bye, ania

  2. Wow, you've gotten a lot done! It looks fantastic. I can't believe you ran out of that pink yarn with so little to go...wait, yes I can! Ain't that always the way?? Looking forward to the big finish! Great job, Sandy!

  3. Love that teddy! Nice save, and I like the shade of green on at top. xo

  4. This blanket is going to be gorgeous! I love every color you have chosen.