Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tussy-Mussy 12" Square No. 2 Completed

All done!

I finally finished one Tussy-Mussy 12" Square!

Is it perfect?

I doubt it.

It was a challenge for me.

I lined up the cotton yarns I used to show you.

Orange, lime green and two variegated tan and white and the other tan, green and white.

Round 13 is finished here in green.

Another view of the finished product.

All 14 rounds.

The toughest rounds for me were 8, 9 and 10.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time reading instructions.  

Particularly when all the stitches are lumped into one paragraph for a round. 

I lose my place all the time.

I tried to make a diagram for this pattern but I got stuck on it.

Designers amaze me because I don't know how they can think up these complex patterns.  

This free pattern (here) is by Rebecca Bisbing.

Get her pattern now...because she is only offering it free through May 31, 2013.

Even though this pattern was hard for me...I loved it.  

Now I'm going to try to finish the first square I started in the acrylic yarns (pink, red and blue).

You can follow my journey with this project (here) and (here).  

Changing the subject...only six days remaining until we start our adventure flying across the Atlantic Ocean and touring England/Wales/Scotland!

We are packed and all ready and very excited.

We're going on a Grand Circle Tour with 36 other people...but most exciting we are touring with my college room mate and her hubby.  We've been closefriends for over 40 years.  

Hubby and I were looking at a map of the UK the other day because we don't know where anything is.

So we were looking up all these towns and...

I discovered that Liverpool isn't anywhere near London.  

I always thought it was a suburb of London.

Yep, that's how clueless I am.  

So...all my UK friends...

if you see a Yankee looking confused and lost

 - but very HAPPY

in the next couple weeks...

it's probably me!



We also found out that our fanny packs are called waist packs in the UK!   

That's funny!

It's going to be weird to see vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road too.  

I'm so glad we aren't driving... just riding.  


  1. This trip has arrived so quickly, Sandy. Have a wonderful time. Your tussie mussie is very pretty. What is it used for? xo

    1. That's an excellent question Barbara. I'm not sure. It can be a hot pad or a dishcloth. Or maybe I will frame and hang it.

  2. That turned out nice. I have a horrible time with patterns and lose my place all the time. There must be an easier way...

    You must be SO excited about your trip!!

  3. How overseas trip to the UK! Y'all have fun!

    Nice square colors too...