Monday, April 1, 2013

Jack Won!

No Foolin'
Jack, the adorable Goldendoodle puppy, won the 


 Jack's Mommy is Melissa from "The Inspired Room" blogging fame.

What a sweet mug!

I'm so glad Jack won.


I finished crocheting my Easter Eggs...but only because I ran out of polyester filling.

I could of kept going - these are so easy to crochet.

(Click here for pattern and details)

Can you believe it's the first day of April?

 It was very windy here and warmer too - close to 60 degrees.

Hubby and I went to one of the local parks and walked a mile.

We're trying to get in shape for our tour - although we probably should have started earlier.  

Like five years ago...


Hope you all had a great April Fool's Day.

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  1. I really like your eggs and copied off the pattern you shared with us. Thanks.

  2. March just blew right by us, and the trip is almost here! Eggs are really cute, Sandy. Have to download the pattern. Maybe I'll have some for next Easter! xo

  3. Oh what clever eggs you have made. You will find a way to crochet almost anything me thinks!

  4. He is adorable! Eggs are so pretty. Thought of you when I saw the post on Petals to Picots about the crochet dishes!? did you see it?

    1. Yes, I did see the crochet dishes on Petals to Picots. I thought that was clever.

  5. I saw the picture first and thought you had a new dog. But, then I much for all the wonderful traveling you do and have coming up. Off for a bike ride today while we have a bit of sun. It's been a rather cold Florida this year, but we are making the most of it.

  6. Jack is a sweetie.;)
    We have still very cold wether, no 60' here, more like 30'. Way too cold for April.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,