Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hampton Court

Tuesday morning our tour group took a bus to visit Hampton Court. This is a huge royal palace estate that belonged to Cardinal Worsley and then Henry VIII in the 16th Century.

We were limited on our time and were unable to see everything {{sob}}. Since it was a very gusty, windy overcast day, we decided to focus our time inside the palace and skip the gardens.

I love historical buildings and museums so I was in heaven. Hope you enjoy the photos of this grand estate.

FYI: We didn't bring any laptop computers with us so I'm blogging using the Blogger app to post with my iPhone. That means all of my photos will post at the end of my text. Nothing I can do about that so sorry.

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  1. Always wanted to visit here thank you for sharing the beautiful photos x

  2. I remember visiting the maze at Hampton Court when I was a young girl. Love the photo's.

  3. Sandy,
    This is a beautiful place to visit. I love old historic buildings too - they amaze me. The stained glass windows are so pretty.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Wow I see you two are on another trip. Beautiful sites there and amazing art and architecture. Are you still planning to come up to AK this summer? Nan