Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Feels Like Spring Here!

We are having unbelievably warm the 80s! 

 The birds are chirping and the shrubs and trees are budding out.

It's so beautiful I walked around our yard this morning taking photos.

This is our Red Maple in our back yard budding out.

You can just see the Red Maple over the top of the screened in porch.

Our Serviceberry is budding too - it's right next to the deck.  The birds love the berries on this tree too.

And our River Birch in front of the evergreen Leyland Cypress trees is also budding.

In our front yard we have three huge Bradford Pear trees.

The fruit on these trees is eaten during the winter months by hungry birds and deer.

I love Spring.

We will miss most of it here because we will be in England, Wales and Scotland.

Hopefully we will have a nice Spring over there.
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  1. I hope you bring some of that lovely spring to Wales when you visit! Lovely post looks lovely and bright there :)

  2. Your trees look so beautiful and majestic, Sandy. Not sure if it is the right season, but over there you may get to see the thistle blooming. xo

  3. Could do with some of the nice spring weather in N.E. England although we have been very lucky not having any snow.