Friday, February 1, 2013

On The Road Again

We left Wytheville VA this morning with snow and very cold temperatures...13 degrees! It took awhile to warm up our van. Right now we are in NC and it has warmed up to 28 degrees.

I love blogging with my iPhone as we travel down the road. There are so many apps for these smart phones that are fun and easy to use. I use a Blogger app to do my postings. We have weather apps, exit travel apps, campground apps, and even an app, Wooly, to download photos etc. onto Ravelry. It's easy to follow Facebook and Pinterest with my iPhone too. I love all these gadgets.

My latest free app, Reminder Free, is an event countdown app so I can see at a glance time remaining for upcoming trips, major events and holidays.

I managed to do a little crocheting on my V-Stitch blanket. It's about half done not counting the border. I'm pleased with it so's a lovely pattern.

That's all today! Thanks for visiting.

PS - I won't be able "to pretty up" this post. So all the photos will be at the end.

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  1. I like the pattern in this piece! I'll wave to you as you go by on I75 after crossing the Florida line!! I'm in Tallahassee today.

  2. The ripple is looking great! The color combos are beautiful. Have a lovely trip.

  3. Looks wonderful! Travel safely. Whatever did we do before all of the wonderful technologies?

  4. Love this throw. It's a lovely pattern and your colours are great. Drive carefully!

  5. Safe trip your v stitch blanket is looking good love the colours.

  6. Beautiful stitch ,I like it very much.

  7. serias capaz de entregar el patrón, no he podido dar con el, te lo agradecería un monton