Friday, February 15, 2013

On Our Way Home

We always eat at Ft. Wilderness's Trails End restaurant our last night. And to make it even more special it was our Valentine supper too! Delicious!

We saw Chip and Dale in the Meadows Trading Post last night when we stopped to fill my coffee mug. That was a neat surprise!

See my cute Mickey Mouse Valentine! My sweet Hubby knows me so well. Mickey will go on my Disney shelf at Christmas time.

Yesterday was cold, damp and raining most of the day. We lowered the plastic rain flaps on our golf cart and we were dry as a bone. We can't complain though because we have had beautiful weather while here at Ft. Wilderness (Walt Disney World, FL).

We got up early this morning (6 AM) and pulled away (7 AM) to start our long journey north. It was dark, 54°, wet and overcast. Everywhere was quiet with just a few people up jogging or dog walking. Hated to leave but we will be happy once we are home again.

All in all we have had a great vacation at WDW with fantastic weather. You know I think we will do this again. After all this is ONLY our 9th trip since we retired five years ago. LOL !

I'm typing this as we drive north on I-95. Currently we are in Georgia and it's sunny and 59°. We're going to do the drive home in two days so that means two very long driving days. Well, I better get this posted.

Have a lovely day dear readers.

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  1. Safe trip, Sandy, it is supposed to snow tonight into tomorrow, depending on where, could be a dusting to 3 or 4 inches. Today is sunny and temps hitting 50! Looking forward to seeing your latest throw completed. xo