Saturday, February 9, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Today is Animal Kingdom day. We broke camp and drove over and parked in the bus/RV lot.

We are so sorry for all you folks hit by that massive snow storm up north but it was wonderful weather down here in Florida. Sunshine and warmth!

First we walked to the back of Africa Land to grab a fastpass for the safari ride - just a short wait and we got the ride in before lunch. Then we had a delicious lunch (with the cutest little desserts) at the Tusker Restaurant where we met Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck and Goofy.

After lunch we went to the Lion King musical show and throughly enjoyed it. Our last attraction of the day was the Dinosaur ride - bouncy, fast fun - before heading back to the campsite.

A very enjoyable day...needless to say we are very happy to be "home" resting now.

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  1. Those desserts look so scrumptious! The horns on that beast are huge, gives me a headache thinking about carrying that around on your head! lol

  2. We got better than 20 inches here on Long Island, NY--nearly 30 in some areas. Can you believe, I have a friend in Pennsylvania who loves snow so much she is jealous they didn't get any in her area?
    Florida sunshine looks so pleasant--thanks so much for sharing a bit with us!

  3. The only thing about this type of RV that concerns me is the fact that anytime you want to go someplace, you have to take your whole house with you. Ho do you feel about that?

    The RV show is coming to town next week and I hope I can get to go.