Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Magic Kingdom

Today we went over to the Magic Kingdom via ferry to have lunch at The Plaza Restaurant at noon. Their sundaes are to die for. We split a sandwich so we would have room for the sundae.

It's always so busy there and we haven't been able to eat at The Plaza our last two visits. This time we made reservations via phone before we left home at a few Disney restaurants. We couldn't get a supper reservation at the new Fantasyland restaurant "Be Our Guest" though. All booked up during our stay. Maybe we can eat there for lunch.

The weather was just beautiful today. Sunny and 74 degrees by afternoon. Although the low was 43 last night. We have our 3D glasses on to watch Mickey's PhilharMagic movie.

We stopped at the campground store and I saw it...my souvenir! A Minnie Mouse gnome to match my Mickey Mouse! It's so cute and I'm so pleased.

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  1. Cute Minnie gnome, but you lost me at the ice cream sundaes.... Yum.

  2. I have the Gnome Mickey pot as well - I love it! Will have to be on the look out for Minnie the next time we're in Disney :-)

  3. Looks like your having a lovely time. So glad I found your blog. I give you credit...afghans are to me big projects! Though I love them. I have one sitting here waiting for me to finish that is in the makings for like 10 years. So close to done...
    Perhaps this month I will finish it. After my felted slippers though...my feet are cold. Since...I'm not in sunny Florida. Enjoy a fresh orange for me. :)