Thursday, February 21, 2013

For All Cat Lovers

1. sitting between me and the laptop, 2. nah, i'm not looking, 3. i'm taking a nap, 4. Curious, 5. merlin, 6. Taj's Christmas Portrait, 7. serious, 8. Gomez, 9. head butt

As a child we only had one dog.   

She was a mutt my Daddy bought home as a surprise when I was nine years old.  We named her Lady... guessed right...we were influenced by the Disney movie, "Lady and The Tramp," which was very popular back then in the 1950s. 

Even though we never had a cat, I think cats are beautiful animals. 

Hubby and I only had one dog, Dusty, a large, big-boned German Shepherd, for seven years until we lost him to bone cancer in 1987.  My, but we loved that doggie.  

And miss him still after all these years.

So this post is dedicated to all you cat lovers out there.

It's hug your kitty day!


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  1. Wow, thanks for the gorgeous cat photos, so cute!! I l♥ve cats :-).
    Sorry for the loss of your loved doggie. Although it's long time ago he will always stay in your hearts!

  2. I am a cat lover.I have a photo of Ziggy on my latest post looking very relaxed.

  3. Great cat pictures! Unfortunately, cats and crochet don't really mix in my house, both of mine are trained to stay far, far away from the yarn.

  4. Thanks. I love cats. We don't have one now, so I really love the pictures.