Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nan's Valentine Gift

Nan's Valentine Gift!

I received a Valentine gift in the mail yesterday from my dear friend, Nan of Retired in Alaska blog fame.

Hubby and I visited with Bob and Nan during our trip to Alaska last summer.  

Meeting Bob and Nan for lunch in Homer,  Alaska! 
Nan's adorable Fairy Cottage

I want one!

When I turned Nan's gift package over to open it I found this written on the back by Nan!

Nan and Bob have two Weimaraners, Kalen (the puppy) and Pan (big brother). 

Kalen (left) and Pan (right)
Two peas in a pod!

(Photo Courtesy of Nan)
Kalen wanted me to know that he helped Nan wrap my gifts.  (Thank you Kalen!)  

I'm sure big brother, Pan, supervised.

Aren't these cute gift labels?

I love them!
One side of the Valentine Tag!

Isn't the Hand-Made stamp adorable!

I'm a FAN of yours too Nan!
Two beautifully crocheted butterflies.

They have magnets on the back.  I put them on our refrigerator.

I've never had such a nice tag...it will hang in a special place in my home (and in my heart)!

Thank you Nan for your thoughtfulness in thinking of me.  

Such lovely gifts...and being hand-made makes it even more special to me.

Please hop over and visit Nan's blog (here).  

You'll get to meet two adorable doggies and a very special couple and learn all about their retired life in our great state of Alaska.

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  1. Sandy what a nice post thank you so much I had Bob come up to read it too along with Kalen and Pan !!

  2. Your sweet friend Nan is a keeper! I'll go visit her blog.

  3. What a beautiful gift to receive from a good friend and how fun that you met her on your trip.;) Yes, I agree, that cottage is absolutely lovely.;))

  4. Hi Sandy,
    What sweet gifts. I am admiring all the love and work she put into the packaging. What a nice friend!

  5. Hi there! Love your blog! What a sweet valentine gift. Those dogs are gorgeous and really know how to personalize a gift, huh?