Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's Snuggle Up!

Mamma Bear and Baby Bear All Snuggled Up


My crocheted Mellow Yellow Granny Goodness Baby Blanket for my niece (whose baby girl is due in May) is DONE!

I first blogged about the throw (here).    

Embellished with a pretty layered flower!

Flower Power

A pretty edging added!

I "winged" the edging.  

One huge Granny Square.

This is all of the yarn left of 8 skeins!

I used this book for the Layered Flower pattern (The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton).
Mellow Yellow Granny Goodness Baby Blanket

I forgot to measure the throw but it is a nice size and wouldn't have to be used just as a baby throw.

I was so glad to finally use this yarn that I have had since 1995.  This baby blanket is extremely SOFT too.   I had to do a bit of flogging...I realized I didn't have enough to complete the last round of edging so I flogged it and the round before it...then added the last round of edging without any problem.  I even had enough left over to add a lovely layered flower in the center of the blanket.  

Now I would like to try to crochet some baby booties.  Wish me luck!    

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  1. Oh I call this baby duck yellow, so soft and pretty for a new baby. Nice job Sandy.

  2. I need a throw! We had an ice storm yesterday, and I am freezing down here in Alabama! Your work is so pretty, Sandy!

  3. It's a beautiful blanket, Sandy! I love it. Wish I could feel the softness of it. It's perfect for a new baby. Nice edging too.

  4. Oh, that is very pretty. I like the edging.

  5. Dear Sandy,

    that is a very beautiful Blanket!
    You do a great Work and i love the Colour.
    Send you many Greetings and enjoy your Weekend,


    P.S. Wish you many Luck for the Babybooties...

  6. That is truly beuatiful and I am sure your niece will be so happy with this for sure.;)
    Have a lovely weekend dear Sandy,

  7. It came out very nice - the edging sets it off just right. :)

  8. Absolutely beautiful,and I love the edging- there is always a use for these yarns eventually !

  9. It is so simply stated in the one pretty color. I has a real elegance to it. Very charming.