Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Grandma Hearts Garland

Fun Granny Hearts

I Love Hearts!

Last night I made two granny hearts...a red one and a white one from Michelle's The Royal Sisters Grandma Hearts tutorial (here).   I crocheted the white/red heart last year. 

They aren't perfect but I love them anyways.   

And it's simple to make more....gosh wouldn't pink and white be pretty too! 

Today I found some Lion Brand Yarn "Fun Fur" in red in my yarn stash to embellish them.  I single crocheted around the white/red  and white hearts with the red "Fun Fur" yarn and added a cute 3 picot edging around the red heart in white cotton yarn.  This is my first time to use "Fun Fur".    I'm going to buy more of this type of yarn it is so pretty.  I used a H hook for the whole project.

Lion Brand Yarn "Fun Fur" in red and Sugar n' Cream Cotton Yarn in red and white.
The Project All Finished
My Three Hearts!

Embellished Hearts

Red "Fun Fur" edging

Red "Fun Fur" edging

3 Picot Edging in white

My Snow Hearts!

Be Mine

Hugs and Kisses

I Love You!

My Grandma Hearts Garland

Maybe I've encouraged you to try your hand at crocheting these lovely granny hearts.  I sure hope so because they make a beautiful garland for Valentine's Day.    

Let me know if you do...I would love to see your hearts too.

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It's A Very Cherry World

for REDnesday!

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  1. Pretty! I love the one with the picot edging best of all, I think the white frames the red so well. Lovely :)
    xxxx Heather

  2. lovely hearts well done! I like them alot, I love everything hearty! :) xx

  3. Very Sweet I love hearts too! Hugs, Diane

  4. The furry hearts are the cutest things! I love hearts! What a cute garland. I need to learn how to crochet!!!

  5. Those are so festive. I like the eyelash yarn around the edges.

  6. These are darling Sandy I think I need to get some of that furry stuff !!

  7. Cute little hearts.
    I like them all! The furry one 'is a warm and fuzzy heart' ...don't we ALL like the feeling of having a warm and fuzzy heart?


  8. Wonderful heart garland! I had to Google you because the link wasn't working for me. I really really wanted to see what you were going to share.

  9. They are so pretty, I love the fun fur around the edges.

  10. Great heart garland! I do love crochet!

  11. Sandy...
    They are just the thing for a Valentine's Day...
    So sweet and very,very cute...
    I adore the fuzzy eadges...
    They would look fabulous in pink and white too...
    I love the fuzzy yarn...I have used it before on the last row of my swirly makes it so soft...

  12. I think they're just adorable! I haven't crocheted anything for probably 15 years. You've inspired me to give it another try. Thanks for coming by and saying hi! Mimi

  13. Oh, sweet heart in great colors! Thank you for `s share.
    Best wishes,

  14. Sandy, these images are absolutely incredible! I am so in awe, I love how you placed the hearts against the snow.;)
    So lovely, one of my favorite posts of yours.;))
    Have lovely Monday.;)

  15. So sweet heart garland! Love your work, it's such a lovely idea with the Fur Fur! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine!!!

  16. Such a perfect idea for Valentine's Day. I love it. Please stop by my blog today...I have an award for you.

  17. Very pretty Sandy - I love the fluffy wool.

  18. Hi Sandy,
    I love your RED hearts! isn't the fun fur yarn "fun".
    I am making a fun fur heart pillow for my Grand daughter right now. I will post it when its done.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  19. I think your hearts look gorgeous! The Fun Fur border adds a touch of warm whimsy. Happy crocheting!

    With warm regards,
    Jess H.
    Lion Brand Yarn

  20. This is a lovely mosaic! I am hosting a Giveaway on my blog. I would love for you to stop by.hugs Anu

  21. Wow you have been busy, your hearts are amazing. I especially love the 'Fur Fur' edges, they look fabulous!!


  22. Fabulous and fun! My aunt sent me some red fun fur that I haven't used yet. Now I'm inspired. Best wishes, Tammy

  23. these are absolutly adorable. I will have to do some, thanks for the link to the tutorial.Mica

  24. What an adorable heart garland!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. I would definitely try these Sandy.....if I knew how to crochet! Your hearts are so pretty, but when you added that fun fur, you made them extra-beautiful!
    Happy REDnesday!