Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alaska Highway - Liard River Hotsprings

On June 13 we stopped at the Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park in British Columbia.  This park is right on the Alaska Highway.

We parked our RV here.

And walked the boardwalk back to the hotsprings.

Aren't the hotsprings lovely?  They have changing rooms here too.

Here's a view of the spring.

I tested the was HOT!  126 degrees F.  My legs and feet were RED when I got out of the water.  I don't know how these people could stay in it for very long.  We learned there were upper springs that weren't as hot but we didn't visit them.

Hubby and I.

As we were leaving the hotsprings we saw this sign.  You don't see a sign like this very often in the lower 48!

And this is what we saw just down the road after leaving the hotsprings!  A huge buffalo walking along the side of the road.  That's our truck side mirror in the photo at the bottom.  That's how close to the Alaska Hwy the buffalo is.

Up close and personal (we are still in the truck)!  What beautiful animals.  I wish we had buffalo nickels again.

Just another day on the Alaska Highway!

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Stay tuned for more Alaska Hwy posts.

And THANKS.SO.MUCH for visiting me!

Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. Great scenes and mosaic.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Monday.
    " Regina

  2. Such wonderful photos Sandy I always enjoy and look forward to them. That hot springs would be too hot for me and I know Bob would never get in as he won't use hot tubs, too hot for him. Bob turned 70 today !!

  3. Those hot springs look lovely but soooo hot. Don't know how people get in them. It would be fun to try.
    The buffalo is fantastic. They are really big aren't they but I wonder why he was all alone. I though they would travel in herds or at least large groups.

  4. What a gorgeous place to camp in. Beautiful scenery.

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, a few years back Mr B & I had a wonderful RV vacation visiting Washington State, Oregon, Montana & British Columbia and your pix, especially in the campground, brought it all back.
    Now where are those photos that we took, must get them out for another look!

  6. 126 degrees? That is really hot!

    What a lovely experience you must have had. My in-laws made this trip several years ago and I know it was a highlight.

    Have a lovely Monday!

    Becky K.

  7. Wonderful mosaic. I could stay in the hotspring for awhile, the hotter the better and the setting is so peaceful. Take care.

  8. I've been enjoying your trip - it makes me more determined to do this someday, too.

  9. That buffalo is magnificent. How wonderful to see him up close as you did. And 126 degrees? That sounds like wicked hot water. :d No wonder that you were red.

  10. It looks like you are enjoying your travels. I would like to try the hotspring.

  11. That hotspring certainly is toasty, we keep our hot tub at 101 F during winter & it's hot to get into.
    Looks like an interesting place to stay awhile.

  12. Hi Sandy,
    What a beautiful place! That's funny you saw a buffalo, very cool!