Monday, August 9, 2010

You all are probably wondering where I am...if I am home yet from our trip to Alaska.  Well, the answer is "nope" I'm not home yet.  We re-entered the good old USA today from British Columbia, Canada, and we are now in Haines, Alaska, for the next week.  Next Monday we will drive our 5th wheel travel trailer (33 feet) and truck onto a ferry here in Haines for a four day cruise down the coastal waters to the state of Washington.  Today is our 80th day traveling since leaving home.  I hope to post more highlights from our trip soon.  Unfortunately we have been limited in our downloading capability while on the road.   

I took more photos of flowers here in Alaska (these were taken in Valdez, Alaska) - they are so pretty - I can't resist them.  We have to pay for our internet service at this campground and they stated we should only use it to access emails.  I'll probably get kicked off for blogging and downloading photos.  LOL!  

I'm so thrilled that I now have over 100 followers (little old me!) and almost 20,000 hits since I started blogging back in November 2009.   I just love blogging and love all the new friends I've made in less than a year.  So, a big THANKS to all of you who follow my blog and to those who drop in to visit.   

Hope you enjoyed my flowers!

Sandy at Teacup Lane   
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  1. I for one, have had a ball traveling vicariously with you to Alaska!! Isn't blogging great??!!??
    Drive safely!!

  2. WOW...this is some journey. thanks for the update and check in. Always glad to know just where you are and we can never get enough flowers.

    Big Congrats on reaching 100!!!!!
    Isn't it amazing all your new friends.

    Check in when you can, but save those pennies for yarn...that's my motto.....

  3. All the flowers are gorgeous, but I especially love the last photo. It sounds like you are having an awesome vacation!

    ~ Tracy

  4. Still on the road Sandy - my hubby would loooove that! I would too - but don't tell him lol! Congratulations on reaching 100 followers - well done and well deserved. x

  5. Hey Sandy, glad to hear that you are enjoying the trip. You lucky lady! The pictures are great, just keep them coming. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers. You should be proud!!!

  6. Thank YOU Sandy for all your wonderful posts telling us about your Alaskan road trip.
    Friends of ours have just got back from a 10 day cruise on a ship to Alaska. They live down country so we will see them soon and catch up on the photos (They aren't into blogging - sadly)!

    Love the flowers - gives me a little ray of sunshine, as our winter still lingers in the southern hemisphere!

    Take care and enjoy the trip home!